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Air Shower is a Clean Room entry enclosure, which equips high static blowers that discharge air at high velocity in the order of 3000 feet per minute (fpm) through nozzles located on the ceiling and walls. This air, which is better than Class 100 strikes the person entering the Clean Room from all directions and dislodges lint / dirt that might be loosely hanging from the garment or exposed body parts. To make the discharged air ultraclean a HEPA filter of appropriate capacity is installed in the system. A solid state electronic circuit controls the sequential operation and door- interlock arrangement of the Air Shower, rendering the operation fully automatic. Electromagnetic door catches are provided to ensure that the person entering the Clean Room does so only after a Shower of ultraclean air.

Applications :
Semiconductor mfg, Micro-electronics, Aerospace, Hospitals (Operation Theatres, IVF labs, Special wards for immuno suppressive patients, etc.) Biotech Labs, Paint booths / Special coating areas, Coordinates Measuring Instruments, Pharma mfg, Optics and Electro-optics, etc.

Dimensions in inches

Internal Overall
w d h


Note:Clear opening available with door        fully open, will be 23"w X 72"h.
      Dimensions are subject to change        without notice.

       We design Air Showers for your        specific applications and to suit Site        conditions.
  jetMARK-01  for one person; less overall height; blower & filters on the side.
jetMARK-02  for two persons; blower & filters on top side; more overall height.
Standard Features : Standard Performance :

Metallic or Non-metallic construction
2-stage filtration - Pre-filter & HEPA filter
High Velocity filtered air - at around 3000 fpm
Nozzles located so as to cover the entire body
Fully automatic with solid state control circuit
Doors electromagnetically interlocked
Sizes to suit requirement
Number of entry options available

Cleanliness level - Class 100 first air at nozzle
Air Velocity - 3000 fpm + / - 5% at the nozzles
Filtration - HEPA at 99.97% for 0.3u particles
Illmination - 800 lux at 3 ft height
Mode : Fully Auto / Semi-Auto / Manual

Power requirement : 3 phase, 415 Volts

All the options shown above are available in two models : 8 ft and 10 ft overall height. Apart from the above, we also design and fabricate systems to suit your specfic requirement.

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